More about me

Hi again,

Thanks for showing interest in knowing more about me.


If you want to know if there is anything interesting I have done in my life so far, here is its gist.

  • I gained the dark knowledge of controlling ML behavior at the best ML research institute in the world – Mila and published at top-tier conferences. As such I see their immense potential in transforming the world for good and the roadblocks that need solving to achieve that.
  • At the age of 19 years, I built and patented an app that was purchased by the Indian Railways. I owe it to Zine which facilitated this opportunity when I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree.
  • During my third year of undergraduate, I built a Smartmeter for home automation, power saving and power grid balance. It was patented and awarded the runner-up prize at a highly coveted competition at GridTech’15 International Conference & Exhibition.
  • I have been part of the only team that has won the most popular sports tournament of my university called Hong Kong Sixes twice in the 80+ years of university history. The ups and downs of wins-loses many times over in a team sport taught me some invaluable life lessons and have given me some of my most fulfilling moments so far.


I was born in Guwahati, Assam, a north-eastern state of India. However, I was raised in six different cities which are Guwahati, Trivandrum, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Neemuch, and Jaipur. I am a big admirer of Aaron Swartz and Elon Musk and I deeply admire their work. I am even a bigger fan of Virat Kohli. I would be very happy if I can be even a fraction passionate, hard-working, go-getter, and mentally strong as he is. There are many other personalities too who I always look up to. Some of them are Narendra Modi, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and MS Dhoni.


I am also a movieholic, and my favorite movie so far has been Lakshya. For some mysterious reason, I can’t get enough of the Bhavesh Joshi movie either. Sometimes you would also find me immersed into a book. I find them a great way to stimulate my mind. A couple of awesome books that I recently read and found useful are:

That’s all about me. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter. And keep following my blog for posts that I intend to get more regular about.