About me

I am a thesis-based Master student under the supervision of Dr. David Meger and Dr. Doina Precup in the MRL and the RLLab/MILA of the School of Computer Science at the McGill University.

Research Interests:
Although Deep Reinforcement Learning has bestowed unprecedented levels of learning capability to our artificially intelligent algorithmic agents, they are still far away from being easily adapted to the real world tasks such as self-driving cars, and housekeeping robots. The primary reasons behind it are that these algorithms are task-specific and need millions of samples before they can outstrip human intelligence on any task.

My interest lies in devising ways to make them sample-efficient and easily transferrable to pertinent but complicated real-world tasks.
I have written about my research motivations and goals in detail here.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WanabeMarkovian

Resume in a pdf format: Resume