About me

Welcome to my blog that I use to dump my random thoughts in a pursuit to coerce myself into bringing coherence to them. I also dump my thoughts sometimes on this Twitter handle.
Besides being Mila/McGill University/MNIT alumni, I am a Co-founder and CTO at Rydesafely. Our mission at Rydesafely is to enable validation of autonomous and assistive driving systems to ensure they are deployment-ready in the least time possible. We believe this will help these systems scale across geographies and conditions which currently are prohibitively expensive to build and scale. We even share some of the exciting work going on at Rydesafely in its own blog page. If challenging engineering problems scare and excite you at the same time, and you want to help us out, consider joining us.

Also, I want to help ambitious but under-resourced people. To that end, I offer office-hours of about 30 minutes on a weekly basis for free on topics such as machine learning, engineering, surviving grad school, robotics, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Please fill this form for the same.