The Legacy of Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) died under mysterious circumstances on 14 June, 2020. It breaks my heart to see such a loss to India and to the whole world. He was a manifestation of versatality, curiosity, hope, self-belief, intellect, perserverance, and energy. His work, interests, vision have been nothing short of an inspiration – investments in futuristic technologies, sizable donations to communities in distress, verstality in acting, a space enthusiast, I can keep going on and on. What a tragedy it is!

SSR’s death is a stark reminder of many things which are either wrong or can be improved in our society. There is still an air of mystery behind his death. Regardless of how he died, the mere results of some initial investigation show that the incumbents in hindi movie industry shamefully ran negative campaigns against him and, did not leave any stone unturned to sabotage his career. But I would like to keep this blog-post to focus on his legacy. I won’t talk about what the incumbents in hindi movie industry should or others should do, but rather what invaluable lessons I derived from his life.

Like many others, I have looked upto him. His evolution as an actor, style-icon, a visionary inspires awe. I saw a bit of myself in him – small town guy with big dreams in his eyes, and ready to do the unconventional to fulfill those dreams. Understandly so, his life had always convinced me that my own big dreams are attainable. No wonder his death has triggered a massive shock to billions of people in India and around the world because most of them related to him on some level as well.

One thing that his death has reminded me is the need to be more compassionate to everyone. I read once that we don’t know what the person we have met is going through. A smile, and a supportive mindset costs us nothing but would do them a world of good to everyone else. Care and love are essential part of support systems that everyone should get. I wish SSR were expressed the love from his millions of admirers. Maybe we should collectively acknowledge that this was one mistake that we all did and are partly responsible in failing him in obtaining the recognition he duly deserved. Owning up to our mistake of not effectively passing on the credit where it is due would be the first necessary course correction that we can all adopt from this unrecoverable loss that we all have to bear forever.

SSR is not with us anymore, but his legacy is going to be one of the finest. His life has not gone waste. He has inspired millions. After being fortunate to have witnessed a man whom I have admired to a point of slight envy, I am motivated more than ever to fulfill my own dreams, to be a compassionate person and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Likewise, I am sure there are many others too who feel the same. We can promise ourselves that instead of ever being detered from our dreams, we would rather inspire ourselves fulfill our dreams. And that we would be lesser afraid of the road less taken but which will lead to what helps us become the best version of ourselves. We would try our best to be compassionate to everyone around us, even if that means on the face of downtimes. And perhaps that would be biggest tribute that we can ever pay to him.

RIP SSR, you are forever going to be my hero.

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